Friday, June 20, 2008

New Arrivals 6/20

LP NIGHT RANGER 7 wishes P-13131 JAPAN

LP DEEP PURPLE perfect strangers 25MM0401 JAPAN

12" MOORE, GARY & PHIL LYNOTT out in the field 14VA-9003 JAPAN

LP RATT invasion of your privacy P-13143 JAPAN

LP ACCEPT balls to the wall 25.3P-498 JAPAN


LP TYRAN' PACE long live metal N0027 GERMANY

LP DIAMOND HEAD behold the beginning METALP110 UK

12" HELLOWEEN judas 88561-8128-1 USA

LP TYRAN' PACE watching you N0055 GERMANY

LP BON JOVI slippery when wet 28PP-1025 JAPAN

LP MEGADETH so far so good so what 7481481 EUROPE

LP OSBOURNE, OZZY blizzard of ozz 25AP1992 JAPAN

12" ANTHRAX i am the law R15D-2062 JAPAN

12" DIO rainbow in the dark 15PP-41 JAPAN

12" ANTHRAX madhouse R15D-2037 JAPAN

12" ACCEPT london leatherboys 12.3P-646 JAPAN

12" IRON MAIDEN aces high EMS-50148 JAPAN

12" MEGADETH no more mr. nice guy 2036206 EUROPE

LP TANK filth hounds of hades VIP-6839 JAPAN

LP W.A.S.P. s/t ECS-81671 JAPAN

LP MOTLEY CRUE theatre of pain P-13138 JAPAN

LP DESTRUCTION eternal devastation SPV08-1885(SH0045) GERMANY

LP EXCITER long live the loud RR9782 NETHERLANDS

12" IRON MAIDEN running free S14-120 JAPAN

LP RAINBOW bent out of shape 28MM0300 JAPAN

LP DOKKEN under lock and key P-13212 JAPAN

LP HELLOWEEN walls of jericho N0032 GERMANY

LP OSBOURNE, OZZY other side of, the 28AP2982 JAPAN

LP ANTHRAX fistful of metal MFN14 UK

LP ANVIL forged in fire 28MM0254 JAPAN

LP DIAMOND HEAD borrowed time VIM-6301 JAPAN

LP HELLOWEEN keeper of the seven keys part 1 N0057 GERMANY

LP MEGADETH rust in peace C1-91935 USA

12" MEGADETH hangar 18 12CLG604 UK

LP METALLICA kill 'em all K25P438 JAPAN

LP TANK honour & blood SP25-5186 JAPAN

LP METALLICA kill 'em all 60766-1 USA

LP METAL CHURCH dark, the 960493-1 USA

LP KEEL lay down the law SH-1014 USA

LP MISFITS, THE earth a.d. PL9-02 USA

LP IRON MAIDEN somewhere in time S33-1003 JAPAN

LP VENOM calm before the storm MOMENT115 GERMANY

LP GREAT KAT, THE worship me or die RR9589 NETHERLANDS


LP ACCEPT breaker 60.39 GERMANY

12" MEGADETH holy wars 12CLG588 UK

LP MEGADETH peace sells but who's buying C1-46370 USA

LP MEGADETH so far so good so what RP28-5579 JAPAN

LP RAVEN life's a bitch P-13482 JAPAN

LP DESTRUCTION release from agony SPV08-7503(SH0076-1) GERMANY

LP SCANNER hypertrace FW44266 USA

CDS B'Z love me i love you BMDR-1020 JAPAN

CDS B'Z motel BMDR-1018 JAPAN

CDS B'Z don't leave me BMDR-1013 JAPAN


CDS HIDE beauty & stupid MVDD-42 JAPAN

CDS B'Z mienai chikara BMDR-2002 JAPAN

CDS B'Z negai BMDR-1019 JAPAN

CDS B'Z love phantom BMDR-2001 JAPAN

CDS B'Z girigiri chop BMDR-2018 JAPAN

CDS MAJID, SHEILA sinaran XP-10-2092 JAPAN

ZINE BLACKMORE'S NIGHT burrn! may 1997 T1117501050652 JAPAN

ZINE BON JOVI burrn! june 1997 T1117501060651 JAPAN

ZINE BON JOVI burrn! july 2001 T1117501070650 JAPAN

ZINE MR.BIG burrn! september 2001 T1117501090658 JAPAN

ZINE NEWSTED, JASON burrn! october 2001 T1117501100654 JAPAN